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3 December 1986
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When I say ____, You say ______
Whoooooo are Yoooooooou???
The place you find yourself at this moment?:my bedroom
Astrological Sign?:Sagittarius
Describe yourself in three words.:Rissy rooooo pocket!
What three words would other people choose for you?:i don't know
Name one thing you believe in enough to fight for.:individuality
If you could be someone else for a day - Who would it be and why?:i wouldn't. i'm pretty happy being me
Are you a cat person or a dog person?:both
What song could be the story of your life?:Shut Me Up - MSI
What song reminds you of your childhood?:The Wall - Pink Floyd
What makes you cry?:meanie heads :P
What makes you laugh?:what doesn't make me laugh?
Worst habit?:smoking on occasion
When I say ____, You say _______
Arizona?:granpa (coz thats where he lives)
Manatee?:and the lasers!
Hope?:for what?
Peace?:not in America
High School?:sucked
Food?:cheese fries, Chinese food, sushi
Place to think?:curled up in bed. or on the roof
To sleep?:next to Shawn
To go when you need people?:Shawn's house
To go when you want to be alone?:the bathroom
Thing you tell youself? (could be denial... or not):everything will be so much better someday
Quote?:"DRIVE MONKEY DRIVE" or something about hot pockets or sperm babies lol
Song?:Animal Instinct and some others
Band? / Singer? (whatever...):not sure
Color?:black and dark blue
Way to get from here to there?:walking. seriously. i like exercise
Late night cuisine?:cheese fries
Memory with me?:ok...who the fuck are you?
Thoughts on:
Giraffes?:well there was this one at the zoo that kept licking a wall...it was a great love affair
How to create social justice?:there's no such thing. but you have to work towards a close ideal that works for most people
Youth Participation in Planning? (This one's for you Fi):huh?
Horoscopes?:are fun
Tarot?:is also fun
Thanksgiving as an American tradition?:ok
Using another word?:what word?
Lee Greenwood's - Proud to be an american:blah blah SHUT UP
Dixie Chicks?:right on. speak your mind ladies, just coz your from Texass doesn't mean you have to like bush
Voting?:is very important
Your purpose in life?:my purpose is to live and stuff
A perfect night? (Describe...):hanging out at the square, getting some cheese fries at the roxy, then heading to a rave...mmm, that is heaven
Getting older?:kinda sucks in some ways, good in others though
Sucking on toes?:no opinion...
Have you ever?
Been to the Grand Canyon?:yesh
Sat on top of a roof and watched the sun set?:yesh, quite often
Smoked a cigarette, while drinking coffee, at Roma?:huh?
Been to a Powwow?:YESH!
Astral Projected?:yep
Been to NYC?:no
Broken into song (or dance?) - musical style - while walking somewhere?:mmhm lol
Watched a movie/read a book/heard a song that changed your life? Describe.:i dunno
Drawn a self-portait?:had to for a school assignment once
Played Kings?:huh?
Seen Amelie?:yep
Done something questionable for love? What?:describe questionable and i could tell ya
Lyrics, because music makes me happy!
Favorite lyrics from a Hip Hop/Rap song?:you can't spell crap without rap....
From a Country song?:...please tell me your joking
From an R&B song?:..........wtf is wrong with you????
If you could dedicate a song to your mom, what would it be?:idk!
To your best friend?:which one?
Anyone else?:....
Most depressing lyrics?:the lyrics to I Won't See You Tonight by Avenged Sevenfold
Most inspiring?:Just Be, DJ Tiesto
Song you wish you wrote?:Just Be
Song that cheers you up, no matter how sad you are?:Straight To Video - MSI
Song that makes you cry, no matter how happy you were?:Priests and Paramedics...its fucking depressing! not as sad as that average centerfold song lol, but still...
Song that reminds you of middle school/high school dances?:You Shook Me All Night Long, ACDC
Song that reminds you of me?:WHO ARE YOU
Best road trip song?:the Yo Ho song lol
Tell me...
One thing that frustrates you?:our government
Ok, make that two things...:mean people
Something you see beauty in, that maybe other people don't.:outside when its raining and calm and quiet outside
A random thing that makes you happy.:funny stuff. like movies, comedians, online vids, etc.
The first thing that comes to mind when I say:
handle bars:bike
fuck:Shawn >:)
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